Real Time Chat translation

With the help of Google Translator in 4Chatting, you can view the chat conversations in your preferred language. Eliminate language barriers, and enhance user interaction with this new chat translation technology. This new feature makes the chatting experience more enjoyable for the 4Chatters.

How it works:

  • In the chat page, there’s an option for setting the default chat translation language. You can choose your most preferred language from the list of given languages.
  • Once you have selected a translation language, the messages you now receive will be automatically translated to the selected language. This works only when both the sender and receiver are currently chatting on the chat page.
  • When the user is out of the chat page, the messages received will not be in the selected language. The messages shown in the push notification will also not be in the preferred language.
  • In this case, the user can just click on the “Translate” icon next to the message. And the message will be translated into the selected language. The app also allows you to change the translation language whenever you want.

Emojis and GIFs in chat

Grab your friends’ attention with the inclusion of visual elements. Express your emotions, moods, and feelings to your friends with countless emojis and GIFs in 4Chatting. This makes chatting a fun ride and paves the way for lively, friendly, and fun-filled chat conversations. You can also share images, stickers, and much more to take the chatting experience up a notch.

How it works:

  • At the bottom of the chat page near the text field, users can see an icon for choosing GIPHY images. By clicking on it, a popup screen appears containing four separate image tabs for GIF, Sticker, Emoji, and Text.
  • Users can make their selection of images from the list of choices in the popup window and can send it to their friends.
  • A search field is also available where the users can search for GIFs, stickers, and Texts by entering the names. This search field is not applicable for Emojis.
  • By clicking on the search field, the popup screen appears in a full window. Users can then proceed with their search by entering names. To close the popup window, just swipe down.


This feature allows you to share public content with your contacts by posting texts, images, emojis, or videos. You can capture memorable and precious moments and upload them to your status stories. Caption the story to make it look more appealing. The picture or video uploaded by users on status stories will be visible for 24 hours. Users can also see who viewed their status and can delete the status if needed.



Instant chat

Enjoy the immense pleasure of having a quick personalized chat with your near and dear ones by sending and receiving texts, videos, images, and much more.

Group Chat

With the group chat option in 4Chatting, create groups and have an instant chat with the added members. Our 4Chatting script allows users to create countless groups inside the app.

End-to-end encryption

This end-to-end encryption security mechanism in 4Chatting ensures that any data sent between two users such as photos, videos, messages, voice messages, documents, etc., are completely secured and prevented from falling into wrong hands. We care about our users and guarantee their privacy protection.

Chat technology

This chat app includes cutting-edge technologies such as REDIS, WebRTC, NodeJS, MongoDB, Socket.IO in order to facilitate the real-time messaging experience.




4Chatting allows users to share the beautiful moments clicked and the most valuable memories they want to cherish with their loved ones.


4Chatting allows users to share audio and video files with their friends and family. They can record and send audio files, music files, etc., with this app feature.


Lost yourself on a tour? Searching for your friend's place in a new city? Don’t worry. The Share Location feature in this chat app allows users to share their location with others. Share your location on 4Chatting, and find your loved ones in a snap.


Want to send an important file to your colleague but you are on leave? Don’t worry. You can share files on both group and individual chats in all document formats such as PPT, PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.

Voice record

Do you want to deliver important voice notes to your contacts in order to communicate with them instantly? 4Chatting enriches the user’s chat experience by allowing them to record and send unlimited voice recordings to their contacts.

Default sharing

With this stunning feature in 4Chatting, users can set the Default Sharing option in their gallery. This lets users share images, videos, and audio files from their gallery to their preferred contacts quickly and conveniently.



Private & public

4Chatting avails Private Channels where you can hide your posts from other people, and Public Channels where other users are allowed to check out and enjoy your posts.

Admin channel

Admin can create their own channels and notify their followers regarding any happenings inside the app. It can be an update, offer, greeting, etc. We provide you with one more reliable platform to stay connected.

My channel

4Chatting allows users to create their own channels. You can create as many channels as you like that can be added in the ‘My channels’ section. This enthralling feature helps others find you and follow you easily.

Invite Subscribers

4Chatting Channel Admins may send an invite to any users or a group and make their way up to the top with the most number of subscribers in their channel.


4Chatting script allows users to subscribe to the channel of their interest and to unsubscribe the channels that don’t entertain them anymore or offend them.

Leave Channels

Not interested in being an Admin to any channel? Just leave the channel in which you don't want to be. The corresponding channel will be left out and will expire.


In case you receive unwelcome/spam messages as a user from the Channel Admin, you can report that channel. We will add it to the Admin list of reported channels. After reporting, you are free to leave that channel.


The reported users of a channel will be blocked by the Admin for violating the terms of use. So, by this feature in our chat app, a user can stop receiving messages and updates from the blocked channel.


Audio/Video Calls

Audio Calls

Save lots of your money by making free calls all over the country using 4Chatting. It takes only a mobile data connection to make audio calls.

Video Calls

Make use of high-quality video calls feature in 4Chatting, and get rid of distance barriers with your dear ones, friends, and family.

Switch Cam / Mute Audio

In 4Chatting, you can Switch Cameras in between the calls to show what's in front of you to your companion. You may also mute the audio if you want.

Calls Tech

4Chatting is crafted using Node JS and ZWebRTC that allows users to connect with others by making audio/video calls in the app. Enjoy spending time with your long-distance friends.



Group notification

4Chatting has the smart feature to notify you as soon as you receive a group message. This can help you stay updated and connected to your friends and family as a group. If you’re occupied and don’t want the group message notifications to pop up, you can easily mute it with one click.

Tab Notification

The messages which are recently received and haven’t opened will be intimated at the header of the tab.

Push Notification

With the aim of informing our users about important events, we have integrated the Push Notification feature to alert the users for both group chats and individual chats.

Unread Count Notification

To stay updated with the number of unread messages in the chats, 4Chatting comes with an unread count notifications option. This feature will make sure that you don’t miss any messages.



Chat and Channel Search

Do you want to search for a specific old channel, group, or chat? 4Chatting script helps you with the instant search option to find what you’re looking for.

Peoples Search

Are you searching for a friend or any person to chat with? Just enter their name to find that person instantly.



Last Seen

4Chatting allows you to hide your Last Seen. You can set your Last Seen to be visible to your Contacts, Everyone, or Nobody as required.

Profile Pic

4Chatting grants you utter control on your personal choices. If you want your profile picture to be hidden from strangers or otherwise, you can easily turn it to Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.


The About section available in 4Chatting contains all your personal or professional details. You can write any details about yourself in this section. This needs to be added in the initial setup process. You can also turn this to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

Chat Block

To block spam, 4Chatting has the chat block option to keep you safe and protected.


Account Settings

Change Number

The phone number is the major source to chat within 4Chatting. In case you lose your number and you wish to change it, you may do it in the Change Number section.

Delete Account

Do you want to delete your current account and create a new one? In this chat app, you can remove your account in the Delete Account section.

Multi Language

It will be gradually available in other languages.


Other Settings

Set Profile Picture

In 4Chatting, users can add or edit their profile photos whenever they wish. They can set any picture of their choice. It can be an aesthetic scenery, family pic, a selfie, or a personal snapshot.


We’ve added the About section in 4chatting to help users get to know each other and to help them find the right friends. This chat app provides an About space where the user may write personal or professional details about themselves.

Invite Friends

You can invite your friends to join 4Chatting. Users can send an invitation to their friends and contacts via this feature and ask them to join the colorful chatting experience. Users are allowed to invite countless people to join the app.

Forward message

If you’ve received an interesting or thought-provoking message and you want to share it to others, you can simply do it with this Forward Message option in 4Chatting.

Live Status

Live Status feature allows your contacts, friends, and everybody to know whether you are available online and ready to receive/send messages.

Sync Contacts

Once the user registers on 4Chatting, their phone contacts are synchronized automatically into the application. This way, users can connect with their contacts quickly without any hassle of adding contacts again to the list.

Delete for everyone

Do you feel that you have sent some unwanted messages/messages by mistake to your contact? And now you wish to delete that message? The ‘Delete For Everyone’ option in our chat app lets users wipe out those messages that were sent by accident.

Favorite chat

4Chatting allows you to mark any contact as your favorite, and you can access them quicker.